CI stands for Continuous Integration. CI enables software developers to push code to central repositories multiple times a day. This process is managed via automated builds running several automated tests.

CD stands for Continuous Delivery. CD is on top of CI and enables to continuously deploy/release software in an automated…


Accordions provide a way to restrict Card components to only open one at a time. — react-bootstrap

There are multiple ways to use Accordions which corresponds to the cards, below are the examples of using Accordions to handle show/hide of the cards and their data.

First example below shows one…

Here I will be using ‘history’ from react to navigate to a new page on button click.

I first created my react app using create-react-app and added Navbar component header which contains Home, About, Contact and Product pages.

Currently, the pages look like the below screen shot.

Home page without button to products

For your reference…


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